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GPUReview's HD 6990 overclocking roundup! -

GPUReview's HD 6990 overclocking roundup!

Posted By: Steve McBarnes - 09:52 Tue, March 08, 2011 - fix me

It is important to note that all HD 6990s come with two BIOS settings that the user can switch between using a switch located near the CrossFire connector. Here's a picture from TechPowerUp that shows what the switch looks like:

TechPowerUp's switch pic.

All the sites listed in the chart below (except for TechPowerUp) overclocked their cards with the BIOS switch at position 1 which gives the card a clock speed of 880 at 1.175 volts instead of 830 at 1.12 volts. This is probably why TechPowerUp got a lousy core speed even though they managed to get the highest memory overclock. Major props to HardwareHeaven and Neoseeker for reaching the coveted 1Ghz mark!


HD 6990 Overclocking Roundup