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Radeon HD 6990 pictures and a GTX 590 PAX East rumor. -

Radeon HD 6990 pictures and a GTX 590 PAX East rumor.

Posted By: Steve McBarnes - 10:18 Mon, February 28, 2011 - fix me

First the new news. Hexus has provided the digital universe with pictures of the yet to be launched dual GPU HD 6990. Word is that this beast will have more than 3,000 shaders, 4GB of GDDR5 and around 300GB/s of memory bandwidth.

I just noticed this HD 6990 sneek peek over at [H]ard|OCP. No performance numbers are given, but they were allowed to talk about the gameplay experience that the HD 6990 gave them in Dragon Age II.

Hexus' HD 6990 pictures.

The next news that is not as new as the previous news is that Nvidia may choose to debut the GTX 590 (Ti?) at PAX East. They did it with the GTX 480 last year and I think it is very possible that it could happen again. When this year's Expo Hall map was first released Nvidia's booth was red and so were several of the hardware booths that just happen to be right next to Nvidia's booth. When someone in the PAX forums comented on how those booths are computer hardware companies, Penny Arcade employee David Koffman said "lillb pretty much has it, although why it's colored differently will make more sense once you see it in person." In the updated map those booths are no longer red. Me thinks something interesting will be going on at PAX East in that sector of the map...

PAX East