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GPUReview's GTX 590 overclocking roundup! -

GPUReview's GTX 590 overclocking roundup!

Posted By: Steve McBarnes - 10:08 Fri, March 25, 2011 - fix me

Once again it is time for our patented overclocking roundup! The GTX 590 has improved OverCurrent Protection (OCP) but if you raise the voltage too high some really bad things could happen. If you are planning on increasing the voltage on your GTX 590 make sure to take very small baby steps.

TechPowerUp was the only outlet that managed to get the GTX 590 to GTX 580 speeds and from what I read, they were able to do so without increasing the voltage. Unfortunatley, the average overclock speed came in below GTX 570 levels (732/3,800).


GPUReview's GTX 590 Overclocking Roundup!