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The Asus Mars II has made it to this planet. -

The Asus Mars II has made it to this planet.

Posted By: Steve McBarnes - 10:42 Wed, June 01, 2011 - fix me

Engadget has taken some out-of-this-world pictures of Asus' new Mars II video card. This sequel to the original planetoid is comprised of two GTX 580 cores, basalt, fine iron oxide dust and other trace elements. Only 1,000 Mars IIs will ever be made and the card will suck 600 watts of power, much like a black hole.

Here's a shot of the Mars II's three slots:

Engadget Asus Mars II pic

Asus' Matrix GTX580 Platinum was also in attendance. The Platinum will have a plus and minus buttons that can increase and descrease the GPU voltage and a fan override switch. In case you take things too far you can always press the Safe Mode switch to bring everything back to Earth.